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Know Your Heart

Understanding Your Heart

"Now that you have undergone an angioplasty, you and your family will have lots of questions. This book tries to briefly discuss how to prevent its recurrence. This informative booklet will help you understand the factors responsible for Heart Disease. More importantly it also will help you understand how to reduce the chances of Recurrence of the block or disease at the site where stent was implanted and how to reduce the chances of new Lesion or Block in the coronary (Heart) arteries ". There's no doubt about it...

If you have had Coronary Artery Disease, you've had a very frightening experience. Your life was threatened, and that is scary for anyone. Now, even though your doctor says you're going to be all right, you are probably still anxious.

After what you have just been through, feeling apprehensive is normal. But remember, your heart is healing every day. With each passing day, you will get stronger and more mobile. The worst is behind you.

Understanding the Structure of the Heart - A hollow muscular organ

The Heart

There are four heart valves:

The heart is divided into several functional parts: